Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's New, Ketubah?

I'm still searching the internet for the perfect marriage certificate and I must say, in this regard I am jealous of the jewish brides and grooms out there. They really have the best choice of beautiful and artistic certificates called ketubahs.

The following designs are from New Ketubah and are all printed with archival ink on acid-free, fine art paper including special touches made with silk and cotton thread. Really beautiful.


Melissa Dinwiddie said...

I love Tsilli's work - so clean and elegant! Brava!

It is true that there's a larger selection of ketubot than of marriage certificates, but a lot of us ketubah artists also offer marriage certificate wording for non-Jewish couples. The custom of incorporating a beautiful, fine-art document into the wedding is something everyone can do, regardless of heritage or religion. A lot of my clients choose to have everyone at the wedding sign as witnesses (as in a Quaker wedding certificate). Whether a ketubah or ketubah-like-document, it is one of the few things from the wedding that will last forever, a memento of your wedding day that you will see every day of your life together.

Daniel Sroka said...

It's true, the vast majority of my customers are also interfaith or multicultural couples. The idea of the ketubah has now spread to people from all backgrounds and religions. Just ask any of us if you have any questions.