Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tennessee, Tennessee

After our wedding, the new Mr. and Mrs. Ford will be making a big move. Where to you ask? That, my dear friends, we are not sure of. It all depends on the graduate school acceptance letters. On the top of our list of possible new homes is the beautiful state of Tennessee.

With cooking lessons, carriage rides through orchards, wine events, yoga and natural beauty as far as the eye can see, the Blackberry Farm, located just 20 miles outside of Knoxville in the Smokey Mountains, is making Tennessee look A-OK to this bride.

Looking for a lovely domestic honeymoon locale? I think you may have found it...


Rachel said...

woaaaah. what?!?!

Shells said...

Aaah. I always liked Tennessee, beautiful countryside, lovely weather, the birthplace of Elvis (who doesn't love Graceland??), inexpensive but gorgeous homes, and no income tax. What's not to love?

MrsFord said...

Dear Rachi:

They have made this amazing invention, it's called the phone. You should look into it.

PS: college and gamma phi are not cooler than my wedding.


KatherineBee said...


Not that I blame you at all, but what will I do without my fav couple??