Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Card Swap

Tis the Season! I am in love with Christmas. It is one of the world's best things ever.

The fiance and I have been celebrating since Nov. 1 and we plan to celebrate through January. It is just the best. We make some people nauseous with our carol singing and reindeer sweater wearing, but we so don't even care. This year J and I get to feel the full joy of the season by going to NYC for Christmas and words can't even describe my excitement. I am putting my order in now for a white snowy Christmas wonderland... Please, Santa?

How cute is this Holiday Card Swap from Brooklyn Bride? If I were feeling industrious and not planning a wedding I would definitely participate. Maybe I still will...

We went to B&N yesterday to check out this years card selection. It was rather disappointing. You know what really ruins Christmas cards? The words "Happy Holidays." The card is green and red, there is a sleigh and some candy canes on the cover, we all know what it should say.

I think we may make our own picture cards this year. We were hoping to have our engagement photos done by then but maybe I'll just dug up a cute pic.

Stay tuned for my Autumn rap-up post and for much more holiday magic coming to your favorite blog soon.

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