Monday, November 23, 2009

Let's Up Do This

With straight hair, it's so much harder to find a soft, romantic wedding hair style. Alsmot everything out there involves some form of curls. And understandably so, they're so pretty and feminine. But, alas, I'm till searching for the perfect "me" hair style for our big day.

I have had some luck though. Check out this beautiful braided 'do with a side bun. I love this look, I don't know how well it would hold up for the length of the night, but I think it's very soft and relaxed but still elegant. I am kind of loving this, but also a bit afraid of how dated it could look in a few years.

This look is another version of the side bun but again, with curls. Very simple and definitely more classic. This is actually my stepmom's cousin's daughter. :) Isn't she a gorgeous bride?

For a bit more drama and pizazz, there is this final look, which I lurve. Especially with that big beautiful rose, yum! I'm not sure how a veil would fit into this number, and I would have to see the look on me, but I just think it is so romantic rocker. Lovely.

Speaking of veils. I have mine all picked out, and no you don't get to see it until the big day, BUT, I was thinking... What do you do with the veil after the ceremony? I know most people ditch the veil because it's party-time and all. But, you only have that one day to be super bride! What says bride more than a veil?!

So I looked into partyesque veil alternatives, and I came across the amazing website Tigerlily. Seriously, be warned, do not follow the link to this website unless you are planning to buy something for yourself or as a holiday gift. They have everything. Tiaras, jewelry, hair pins, veils. You will want something. I have never really been attracted to the idea of a bridal tiara, but they have such amazing earthy looks that I'm actually considering a hair vine or comb. Also, I am loving this very sweet and tiny mini-veil for a reception veil switcheroo. Isn't it adorable?

Wouldn't it be cute tucked into the side of a simple bun or twist a-la-Cameron here? Who, btw, has a very pretty light blond hair color that I am eyeballing the heck out of...

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Shells said...

Have you picked a hair salon or hair stylist in Palm Springs? Maybe they have some ideas for you, too.