Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How Grey is too Grey?

Took the man on a mini filed trip today to Nordstrom to look at some suits on his way to football practice (It's his last week FINALLY, yes!). I think he is liking the grey a bit more, possibly because that's all we can seem to find during winter. Also, the grey makes his dreamy blue eyes even more dreamy. :) We are kind of trying to figure out how to make him stand out if he does go with the grey. Should the groomsmen do tan then? Or should they all match?

We didn't find much. But I took his picture for posterity. It was this bald suit guys very first day. What fun! Maybe that's why we didn't find much...

But really, how grey is too grey? Because here's the dilemma. My 3 remaining dressless maidens can't seem to find anything in coral. I keep telling them to shop online, but I understand not wanting to order something sight-unseen. I lurve Aimee's coral chiffon Patra dress, and I do think that the color is so Springy and yummy, but I am having serious second thoughts about the coral dresses. Besides the part where the color is hard to find, the color is also a bit hard to match.

So, while shopping today at Nordstrom for Jonathon's suit, we made a detour through the ladies extra-fancy-dress section. Confession: I kind of fell in love.

Not only is the man of my dreams here in this photo, but possibly the two bridesmaids dresses of my dreams? On the left, ABS by Allen Schwartz Illusion Yoke Sequin Shift, and on the right Adrianna Papell Beaded Silk Chiffon Dress. Hello! How cute is the mismatchy grey with loads of bling? I really love. Don't these dresses just scream party-on-Wayne?! Then again, today I also found this and am being a big-time pushed for my Matron of Honor to buy buy buy.

Am I being a stresser? Should I switch the bridesmaids color to grey? Should I keep the coral? Would it look crazy ridiculous if all of the men wore grey suits, the bridesmaids wore grey dresses and some of the moms and grandmas wore grey? Am I even spelling grey right?!


Shells said...

...can the gals who bought coral dresses return them for gray ones?

Shells said...

as a plus, gray is a neutral so anything goes with it, even blue or brown ;-)

Anonymous said...

How about the groomsmen in coral? j/k. Keep the coral for the girls. Because there is still so much time, they can order online and send it back. There's always guidelines on measurements too. The grey is gorgeous, and would look great with a splash of bright color from the bouquets, but I feel like coral would be so fun (and springy).

Anonymous said...

To differentiate Jon from the rest of the dudes in grey, couldn't you put him in a vest and tie versus them just in a tie? Or play with the colors of the tie/boutonniere? I would think grey and tan would clash. In tradtional weddings, the groom and the dudes are all in black, so how do they differentiate?
I love the idea of a grey suit. It'll look awesome.

MrsFord said...

OK so as soon as I posted this my MOH Lindzee bought the flipping amazing gorgeous coral dress that I was eyeballnig for her. That means 2 out of 4 maidens with coral dresses so we're sticking with it. Plus Tiff you are right, the coral is so poppy and springwonderful.

I like the idea of J in a 3 piece grey suit and the others in 2 piece. You guys have awesome ideas. Thank you so much!

Tiff: Joe said you guys booked a room at the Ace, I am SO STOKED, it is going to be FUN in the sun. Please force me to relax and hang out with you guys instead of stressing out in a hotel room somewhere ;)