Wednesday, November 11, 2009


One of my bridesmaids, Aimee, recently sent me a link to Regretsy and we had an hour long gigglefest over the hilarity showcased on that site (Hello Michael Jackson catnip toy with before and after MJ faces on each side. Who doesn't need that?). I think she sent it because she knows I love all things crafty and handmade, but I am also sceptical of the ridiculous prices and the not-so-artisanness of some of the finds on Etsy.

That being said, I am pretty much vying for each and every item from Esty seller Little White Dresser. I know nothing of hers would ever end up on Regretsy.

Below, the items I am considering for wedding gifts and for myself (I have a lot of gifts to buy!):

Did I mention that everything is under $50 AND she is having a pre-holiday sale right now? 10% off any 2 items or buy 3 get one free! Get shopping!

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