Monday, October 19, 2009

It Must Be A Sign

I'm seeing signs! Everywhere!!!! What's happening!!! Actually, I just looove the idea of hanging romantic placards around our ceremony and reception sites. It's so literal, I know. But I think it's sweet. There has been great inspiration around the internet lately, and I thought I would throw some out there. What do you think?

We're thinking of making a "Just Married" sign like these to hang by our cake table for some cute decorations, aren't they adorable?

J and I sing "You Are My Sunshine" to each other all the time because we are extremely corny (usually we change the lyrics depending on what we are currently doing. I can picture it now... You are my husband, my only husband... ahem, sorry). Anyways! I was pretty darn excited when I saw this picture and I could steal the idea. I know she's just holding it in this pic, but it would make a good addition to a guest book table, eh?

Super cute use of photos and cards for guests to write words of wisdom on...

My flowergirl can dance herself down the aisle but I thought this was too precious, I couldn't resist.

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