Wednesday, October 14, 2009


J and I are enjoying playing mental holiday with all of the places we could go for our honeymoon. It's my third favorite part of getting married (after 1. the whole bonding myself to my best friend for eternity part and 2. the getting to celebrate with all of my favorite people all dolled up and in the same place part).

We are so confused though. For reals, ya'll. First we thought Hawaii, then we thought Napa, then we thought a cozy lodge somewhere in winter, then we thought a cruise through the Caribbean... All the whilst, deep in our hearts, if you asked us where we would go if we could choose anywhere, we would both say Europe (although it would be an extremely close race with The Seychelles). Where in Europe? Well, it was pretty much Dublin or Paris.

So, knowing me and my penchant for both travel and internet research regarding the cost of travel, I started investigating Europe. Not so much getting my hopes up as ruling the option out so we could stop yearning. But alas! Flights to Dublin are surprisingly affordable.

Thus, I had to share with you the beautiful Bellinter House. It's not exactly in Dublin (only an hours drive along the country greenery), but seriously, how much Guinness can one couple drink (ok, don't answer that)... Isn't it swoon-worthy?! A few days in the city seeing the sights and then some R&R in the country, sounds completely amazing.

Oh man, now I'm even more confused!

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