Monday, October 26, 2009

LP Mommy and Minnie

Cute little wiggly toes? Nah. Contagious and unwarranted giggling? Nah. A small bundle of warm wonderful love? Nope!

Mostly I just want to have little babies asap so that I can dress us both up in Lilly Pulitzer Mommy and Minnie! I know some people might think that dressing up as twinsies with baby is kind of horrifying in an overtly WASPish way, but I find it endearing. Plus it's Lilly! You know you love it.

Is it creepy if I buy a matching set right now? I mean, they're probably going to sell out of some of these design pretty soon, let alone have them in a few years! I'm eyeballing this first set hard.

Wouldn't that ivory little girls dress make an adorable flower girl outfit for a winter wedding?

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