Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Aisle Runners

I have three 40% coupons to JoAnn's Fabrics burning a whole in my pocket so I am off to see what I can craft. I have been thinking about making our aisle runner, but I don't really know what material to use. I so dislike it when the aisle runner at a wedding gets all bunched up so I know I either need some really heavy muslin or maybe canvas.

The aisle at St. Margaret's is preeeeeetty long, so it may take a good chunk of material, but I think it will make a big, beautiful impact.

While looking into what makes a great aisle runner, I came across the Original Runner Co. Their aisle runners are beautiful but start at $400. Yikes. The good news? I entered a contest on their site to win a $500 aisle runner! Wish us luck! These are some from their site.

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