Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Real Wedding: Elegance and Earthiness

As a bride I look at real weddings online (and in magazines and on tv...) on a regular basis and I am not ashamed to admit, I have become quite a wedding style snob. It really takes a lot to blow my socks off when I look at pics of a wedding. You don't want the style to look too homemade or too produced, but you want something in between. Not too generic, not too eccentric. A lovely mix of tradition and style with just enough personal touches.

Ok, so with that said, this wedding is actually blowing me freaking right away. Seriously I am having a hard time sitting still while I am looking at these pictures. Probably because it is gorgeously elegant but seems down to earth at the same time. So magical!

First of all... the florals in this wedding are flipping genius. Amazing use of palm fronds, protea, dahlias and succulents (and candles! holy cow!). Second of all, the unfussy long centerpieces mixed with the more formal floral centerpieces and candles is making me swoon. Its so easy to over or under populate those wide banquet tables, but this hits just the right mark.

This cake is just so elegant yet earthy; simple and chic.
Totally stealing this use of palm fronds. How beautiful do the bride and groom look? Love the wide banquet style tables. Love how intimate this seems.


Shells said...

and I LOVE fondant cakes!!

MrsFord said...

So does Jonathon! But we got buttercream because it's so delicious.