Monday, October 5, 2009

Simply Bloom E-Session

With J and my engagement photo shoot with the amazing Anika London approaching I have been enjoying a little research on the topic. Ok, let's be real, I would spend hours looking through wedding photography websites whether our e-session was looming or not. I am a little nervous about the photo shoot because usually J and I just hold out the camera with one arm and voila. I guess we're just not really used to being in front of the camera. Therefore, welcome to my week of wedding photography!

I digress, during my research, I came across these beautiful engagement photos from Simply Bloom Photography via GreenWeddingShoes and knew I must share. The color is amazing and the romantic touchy-feelyness of the couple reminds me of J and I.

I hope our engagement photos turn out this well. Actually, more to the point, I hope J and I turn out as photogenic as these pretty people!

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KatherineBee said...

When is your photoshoot? So excited to see the pics!