Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sparse Succulent Tablescapes

OK, I really don't want to complain to you about the torture that is finding reputable and service-minded vendors for our wedding, but alas, it has come to that. I have been having issue with finding legit Palm Springs area florists that don't think they are working with Oprah's budget. What is that?

In this economy, you would think florists would understand that flowers are a complete luxury. Granted, they are a luxury that I am seeking whole-heartedly... I just wish the word "wedding" didn't automatically cause the bottom line of a cost proposal to quadruple. You know? I think I am going to start telling people I need decorations for my "church group" and see what the amounts look like in comparison.

We have two meetings this upcoming weekend with Palm Springs florists, so hopefully all goes well. Thus far, it is looking like the world just really wants J and me to have a sparse reception in a flowerless loft-style rectangle of concrete, cement and glass.

Not bad, but not exactly elegant...

Would a flower-less wedding be the end of the world? Obviously not, but if I'm honest, it feels kind of lousy... In reality, I know that a) it will all work out like it is meant to and b) the part that matters is the ceremony and the togertherness and I am not concerned about that in the least.

Plus, I have found these pics that are making me feel much better...

This couple has a way more industrial look going on at their reception site than we do, and look how stoked they are to be going in to party. I mean there's like scaffolding as decor and these people are ready to rock. This is great perspective for me. I know that no matter what the reception looks like, it is going to feel amazing to have everyone in one spot. I just want it to both look and feel amazing and to not go crazy in the meantime. Is that so much to ask?

Also, one of the pluses of serving dinner family style is that there is less need for over the top floral centerpieces. A lovely runner and some potted succulents and these folks (who were married in Joshua Tree) were good to go. Really simple and organic looking, just lovely.

Also and in addition to... my amazing bridesmaid Aimee volunteered to make us some gorgeous luminaries that will both beautifully dress up our reception site and add a personal touch. I think the site will look very different at night, and the candlelight will be very romantic and soft. So no need to panic, right?
OK, whew... I just needed to talk myself out of that one. I think I'm OK again. I'll let you know after the weekend...

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