Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just Like Frodo

The parts of planning our wedding that make me the happiest are parts that I usually don't post up here on the ol' blog. For example: all the discussions with Mr. Fiance about being an old married couple, my wedding gown (which just makes me beyond giddy), and all of the awesome convos with friends and family about the wedding.

I talked with my little brother on the phone today. He is 9, but will be turning 10 a week before our wedding. He is also our ring bearer. I asked him if he knew what his job would be during the wedding and he answered, "Yea, I'm just like Frodo, only the rings aren't evil!"

And that my friends, is what makes this girl an extremely happy bride. Not the flowers, or the cake, or the invites, or the dress (OK I lied, the dress totally makes me happy) but the part where the wedding gives us reason to bring everyone important to me and J to one place to just celebrate. Also, apparently, it gives us an excuse to expel evil from Middle-Earth... or something.

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