Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Old Photos!

This super-genius plan of mine to make an old school photo scrapbook for our wedding guests to sign from photos that they send to me is turning out beautifully. Three people down, 82 to go!

These beauties came from my Aunt Debby. That's her in the exceptionally fashion-forward ruffly swimsuit. I think that look is actually quite trendy right now! Way to be hot Auntie! And her son Alex, my cousin, is sittin pretty between my bro and I in the second pic.

Loving the Oshkosh and the blue and pink onesies. We. Are. Bad. Ass. I think it's clear Tilda Swinton fashioned her entire esoteric look, from the hair to the monochrome rompers, direct from this very photo of me. You're welcome Tilda.
Thank you Aunt Debby!
PS: 110 days till the wedding!!!

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