Thursday, December 17, 2009

LA Holidaze

Last weekend my mummy and brother took Jonathon and I out for a night on the town. It was really my kind of day and night. We went shopping, ate a lot and sang carols! J bought his beautiful Allen Edmond split toe shoes for the wedding and a really lovely crisp white button-down for under his suit and Natey got his suit for the wedding (as previously seen here on Becoming Mrs. Ford). I really love shopping for other people with them and letting the opinions fly... I was in shopping heaven.

After all that retail therapy we went out for a yumtastic Italian meal worth writing home about. If you are from LA or just visiting, you really really need to do yourself a solid and go to C&O Trattoria or Cucina (there's two and both are off the hizzy). The killer garlic rolls are meal one, the appetizers are meal two, the Chianti is meal three, and the entrees are next days lunch. SERIOUSLY YUM.

We were a little bit stoked.

I'm not sure if you knew this or not but... We're engaged.

As a daughter, I see it as my duty to really crack my mom up every chance I get. Not because I like to give her something to smile about, but because when she really gets laughing it is the funniest thing anyone has ever seen. She absolutely can not stop. It looks painful, and the harder she laughs the harder she has to laugh... Feast your eyes:

At the KCRW Christmas Sing-A-Long where we got to rock out with several quit good and quit famous celebrities including Christopher Guest, Jane Lynch, and Weird Al! Heck yea!

Oh man we had a great time. This is what happens when you drink Chianti, sing and dance to Christmas carols for hours, and then ask your brother to take a photo of you and your fiance...

Perfect day and perfect night! Merry Christmas!

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