Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trimming Our Tree

First things first... I brought my dress and veil home today!!! I feel like a proud mama, bringing home baby. The dress is everything and more than I remember. It is the most beautiful dress God ever set down on this great green Earth. I am wearing it right now while blogging... ok, not really. But in my mind I am. It is hanging safely in the closet wrapped in a giant pink bag so nothing will show-through. I think Jonathon has figured out it is no simple sheath as he had to carry it and it is NOT light.


Second things second... We have been very busy little wedding bees of late what with Christmas and 2010 approaching at the speed of a bullet.

Just for you, a visual romp through our recent tree journeys and festivities.

Up next, our family outing to the KCRW Christmas Sing-Along Concert. It was FUN.

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