Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

I started my own Christmas shopping early this year so as to avoid the last minute scrambles and budgetary issues typical of my holiday season. So far, I have purchased our Christmas cards (I might have purchased about 60 cards and I am in love with all them) as well as a few gifts and a few decorations. I'm doing great! Did I mention I heart Christmas?!

I thought I would start my Christmas List early this year too, just in case you all wanted to get started shopping for me early. ;) Here's what I have thus far:

Framed Max Wanger photo (or something artisily similar) available for purchase on his website here. Pretty, right?

Tiffany Rose Gold Earrings... I really want Tiffany Bead earrings in rose gold but I don't think they come in rose gold just yet. I would take them in silver and black onyx too, though. I think they are so simple and timeless. Beyond the Bead earrings, I am slightly in love with these and these.

Girls night out at MAC, which is basically a private make-up party for you and your homies. Who wouldn't want to do that?!

Canon 7D DSLR Sexytime Camera. Nuff said. - UPDATE... I didn't get THIS camera but I did get a new camera on Black Friday and I am PUMPED about all of the gorgeous pics this blog is about to be blessed with! I am keeping this item on my xmas list because having the 7D would be truly magical and I can always sell mine on eBay. I'M JUST SAYING.

Laptopy computer... fifth year running on my xmas list. COME ON SANTA!

A sibling for Teeny. Seriously. Look at these faces.

I know these are super corny but I fell in love with the heart football charm at Brighton Collectibles and I think it would be sweet to have a football wife charm bracelet that can be built upon. They have sports charms, state charms (so far Cali and Florida!) and "inspiration" charms that say things like Faith. I love corny stuff like this...

A romantical trip with my sweetie to somewhere Suthawn like Savannah or Charleston.

Workout gear. I think I was still in graduate school the last time I bought new running shoes. Gross. I have USED them since then though, for your information.

Jason Aldean concert tickets... he's coming to Orlando in January!

Flats and Dresses for work. I will take any cute flats. I pretty much live in dresses at work so the more the merrier. Get it? Merrier...

And last (for now) but definitely not least... a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios! BUTTER BEER HERE I COME!

If that list doesn't do it for you, feel free to check out last years list. Many of the same items are still much wanted. Merry Shopping!


Rachel said...

i got all those gifts covered so i hope no one else tries to get you them! lololol

MrsFord said...

hahaha, sounds great sis! seeing you is #1 on my list ;)