Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jonathon's Xmas Wish List

Jonathon put together this Christmas list for your shopping pleasure and the list seriously cracks me right up. This list looks exactly like one of those "What to get the MAN in your life" articles in a December ladies magazine. Hehe, I have a man's man for a husband. Or wait... should I be concerned that my husband is really a robot? ARE YOU A ROBOT BABE?

The man would like an Electric Cordless Razor. He does have to shave on the go more often than you would think.

For our wedding I got him a lovely Tiffany Plaid Decanter and he would (obviously) like a set of Double Old Fashioned Glasses to match.

Along the same lines... he would like some high-quality booze to go fill the glasses with. He is building a bar, can't you tell? It's ok, I will have a lovely library with a fireplace and record player and pretty curtains and he can have the bar. I'm ok with that.

The man wants a tv. Presumably to watch Bravo and TLC on. Those silly Duggars...

World famous football coach Mike Leach's new book Swing Your Sword.

An iPad... Why not?

A pretty business card holder. Lil mama may have snuck this one into the list, but I think he would really love to have this as he really loves having business cards. Man's man, remember?

A Keurig for his office... There are a lot of these and I tried to get him to specify but I guess one that doesn't require a lot of cleaning would be a good fit.

Kiehl's shower set. If you're going for shampoo/conditioner, he likes the olive fruit oil and amino acid varieties. If you're going for face creams, I like their midnight recovery and abyssine eye cream. Just saying.

A macbook pro. Yea, we would like a new computer. It's only a matter of time!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for Xbox.

New Rainbow flipper floppers (size XXL).

And last but not least... a trip to the Four Seasons Miami! OOPS, how did this get in here? ;)

Merry Shopping again!

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