Monday, November 28, 2011

Mrs. Ford's First Turkey

Ta DA! I did it. :)

Let me back up a minute... Jonathon's godfather Phil came to town this weekend for Thanksgiving and to see J's last game of the season.

That last game happened to fall on the day after Thanksgiving so of course he had to work on Thursday and Friday. That was OK with us, we brought him leftovers from my friend Lindzee's house and a fresh pumpkin pie on Thursday (actual Thanksgiving) and then moved our own Thanksgiving to Saturday.

That also meant I got super half-off Thanksgiving essentials (14 pound turkey for $8 anyone???) because I went shopping on T-day morning. I love a good deal.

Although there were only three of us, this was our first year hosting Thanksgiving at our house so I wanted it to feel special. There may have been "Im thankful for..." place cards involved. We have a lot to be thankful for and I was also very happy to be able to celebrate the end of this football season and all of my husband's hard work with this meal as well.

So what was the spread? Well, you can only see one of the three pies I made in this picture. I made two pumpkins and a caramel green apple crumble pie. Oh it was good. 3:3 is the perfect pie to person ratio, don't you think?

Oh yes, that is green bean casserole, deliciously moist turkey, biscuits, tangerine-cranberry sauce (SO good), stuffing and the best roasted winter vegetables you can imagine. I stole the recipe from here but I used Bragg's instead of balsamic and way less sugar. This was the winning dish of the night by far, besides the gorgeous turkey of course. I was proud of my turkey. :D

Happy Thanksgiving from us to you! Hope your weekend was magical.

Enjoying some Cyber Monday shopping today???


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I thought you would like that roasted veggie recipe. IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD.