Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reason #21 to Visit Orlando

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill in DeLeon Springs. Check it out.

Last weekend I headed up to one of Florida's beautiful state parks with friends to check out the make-your-own-pancakes restaurant at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill.

My friend Lindzee has been talking about this place pretty much for the past 9 years that I have known her so I was very happy to finally get a chance to try it for myself.

Luckily, it was a bit of a gloomy, rainy day, which is great because the Old Spanish Sugar Mill is a legit old sugar mill from before the Civil War so as you can imagine there is no AC and those griddles get HOT. It is very cute and cozy inside and would make the perfect wintry date spot for you and your honey. See below:

Yes, you do MAKE-your-OWN eggs and/or pancakes but the batter is provided for you. You can request all kinds of delicious mix-ins and get way fancy with your cakes. As you can see, I myself went for peanut butter banana. And they were YUM.

Oh and soemtimes they have cute babies at the Mill.

Definitely worth the trip to DeLeon Springs!

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