Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Wish List

Hola Christmas Lovers! Today is the day you have all been waiting for. It is the day I reveal my 2010 Christmas Gift Item Wish List! TA-DAAAAAAAAAA!!!

I typically have not made such lists in the past, and I do recognize that most of the items on this here list are quit over Santa's budget. However, in the spirit of "no one's going to give you what you don't ask for" and with the full conscience that I am content with the plenty I have, which is more than most... I humbly present to you, for your shopping pleasure, the following.

Of all the items on this mystical Christmas list, the item we are most in need of is a car. I know that's not a real christmas wish list item for most, but really, I have been VERY good this year...

Obviously on the list is clothes, lots and lots of clothes. What kind? I like good looking clothes, that's pretty much it.

YSL Parisienne perfume smells delicious and my perfume routine could definitely use some spicing up.

A sweet record player would really jazz up our living room. Plus, everyone knows the gift that really keeps on giving is a slow dance.

Next is an iphone 4 and a pretty but sturdy case. I'm quite clumsy.

You can never go wrong with shoes!

Some black on black Tory Burch Revas would be nice.

Or maybe a pair of Amy pumps... or both.

Or some leopard print ballet flats?

Or some BA tan boots of the work or the lounge variety, kind of like these...

Some new spectacles would be grand. I'm quite fond of these Tiffany & Co. ones, they also come in antique tortoise with gold accents. I love gold.

I very much want a fancy new digital camera.

Finally, a reasonably priced item on my list! I could use a cute Vera Bradley lunch bag or tailgate mini backpack in UKnight! black and gold...

I would love to get a gift certificate to Blurb to order our wedding album. I would also especially like someone to splice together all of the bits and pieces of wedding video people took for us. PRETTY PLEASE?! This one is at the tip top of my listy.

I am also desperately in need of a new photo travel mug. Mine may or may not be growing mold as the outer plastic cracked and there is a constant moist fog covering the collage J made me a few years ago... Enjoy this sample pic :)

Anything DMB related is always welcome (including tickets even if they aren't currently touring). I'm particularly fond of this windmill Dave shirt...

Going out hasn't exactly been our financial priority lately. Restaurant gift cards (obviously including Starbucks) would be so welcome as gifts. We all know it's hard out there for a pimp... er, i mean princess. Some prepaid delicious date nights would certainly help my (married) dating life.

I've always wanted a classic pair of diamond stud earrings :)

Jonathon gave me a beautiful watch on our wedding day and I'm not sure if you even CAN switch out the band, but the face would look beautiful with a brown leather watch band kinda like this...

Our sweet little home is seriously lacking in surface areas. A pretty console table would really do the trick.

And finally, I would surely love Santa to bring me a shiny new laptop. It doesn't have to be this 24k gold one, but you know me, I'd totally take it.

Was that the longest, yuppiest Christmas list in the history of all time?

Oh, I forgot the final thing on my list...

Better hurry, only 16 days left until Christmas! (You didn't think I would forget the Christmas song of the day, did you?)

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