Thursday, December 9, 2010

What Child Is This

For you today is one of my all time favorite Christmas songs. Yolanda Adams gets down yall.

I'm looking forward to a wintery date with my wonderful husband tonight. Pictures of our Christmas tree will be coming soon! Speaking of my wonderful husband, you are not going to believe what he said last night. This girl right here was way pumped up to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas on tv and the hubs threw down the veto saying he "thought it was lame" or something else sacrilegious. Who knew I was married to such a bah hum bug?! Man, that was a hard one to swallow...

Anyhow, back to the music. I hope you enjoy and feel the spirit of Christmas through this one today.

Only 15 more days until Christmas!


Mr. Ford said...

Ooooooooo I love how festive your blog is baby! And... I Love Love Love the helpful Christmas List. :)

Mostly thought I Love Love Love YOU!

MrsFord said...

I love you!