Monday, December 13, 2010

This Is My Winter Song to You

Happy Monday to you lovelies.

Today in sunny Florida it is in the 30s and tonight should be in the 20s! I know most of you around the country are experiencing single digit weather but I just didn't know Florida got weather like this!! I feel like the little brother in A Christmas Story, "mom, I can't put my arms down!" and she replies wisely, "you can put them down at school..."

Here are a few pics of us trimming our beautiful Christmas tree.

Someone in our family is particularly proud of his tree.

And the last little bit, our beautiful angel. Doesn't he make our tree look awfully little?


Our little Christmas family by our little Christmas tree.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

In honor of the cold weather (you know it's technically fall still, right?!?!) this is my Winter Song for you from Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. :) It's just lovely, hope you think so too.

Just 11 days to go until Christmas! :)


Rachel said...

oh god you guys are cute. AND i have literally been listening to this song and this song only since November. HOW ARE WE THE SAME PERSON?!?!

MrsFord said...

idk but if i was going to be the same person with someone i dont think i could have found someone more fab. youre awesome. i love you and get to kiss your face SOON!

KatherineBee said...

Welcome to winter - get ready for peacoats!

MrsFord said...

Oh there have been peacoats alright!