Tuesday, December 21, 2010

These are Gorgeous

Yowsa! Aren't these earrings beautiful?! They look like something to wear while holding hands with your honey and sipping a chai tea while shopping in Malibu... Hmmm... sounds kind of like my ideal day, weird?

Looking for last minute xmas gift ideas that are considerably LESS expensive than above earrings? I make a yearly trip to Anthropologie at the holidays; you are sure to find something for any one on your list.

I thought you might enjoy a little Tori Amos with your very LA Christmas post today.

Better hurry with your last minute preppin:, just 3 little days until the BIG day!


Lulu said...

Those earrings are wonderful!!

I'm done - just waiting on an item to be ready at the jewelers so I can pick it up and wrap it up; and also waiting on a package to be delivered. That one has me a little worried .... hope it gets here in time!

Happy Holidays!

MrsFord said...

Oh no, good luck and I hope you are staying DRY out there!!!