Friday, December 17, 2010

Lindzee's Baby Shower

Happy Morning to you Chickadees!

I'm drinking a soy eggnog latte this morning, no big deal.

I thought I'd share some pics of my best friend Lindzee's baby shower with you this morn. Beautiful big bellied Lindzee is due to pop at the end of January when she will bring little baby Grant Emmett into this lovely world of ours. I sure can't wait to meet him and I know SHE certainly can't either.

I had the pleasure of handling the decorating (and the sangria... shhhhh).

I thought I did a pretty great job, personally. I'm not sure if you can tell... but Lindz and her husband Erik are kind of huge UF Gator fans.

Lindz received SO many new goodies for Grant and his nursery. Here she is with her sister Ash. She looks happy, eh? :)

Us girls. Love you Lindz!

Today's Christmas song is one of the best off of the Wintersong LP by the one and only Sarah Mclakalaka. She gets all tribal on this little number... just you wait for it.

Guess what folks? JUST 7 eentsy weentsy days until Christmas! Boom! Hope you're ready ;)


Victoria said...

good morning lovelies! what great photos. Lydzee looks so beautiful and happy. I am very happy for her.
And the decorations look GOOD.
I was looking forward to hearing Sarah however and I had a problem with zee link.
Love you.

Victoria said...

never mind- I got it

Lindzee said...

Thanks for my special debut on the blog Auntie. I love it!!