Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Parties Galore

Good morning sunshine!

Are you REAL ready for the weekend like I am? I am in dire need of some Saturday shopping time before the holiday is here. It's just going to be me and thousands of other scrambling shoppers at the malls, no worries. Are you all set on presents? Decorations? Carols?

Here's a few photos of us lovebirds from my work Christmas party last Friday. Not only did we look good and have fun ;) but we also won 2, count em 2(!) prizes in the raffle. 1) A $10 gift certificate to Panera... helllllooooo holiday bread! And 2) Two tickets to Sea World!!! We have not been yet but everyone here says that Sea World is the best of all of the Orlando parks. Who would have thought? Based on the San Diego Sea World I would have NOT been so stoked about our big win, but this one supposedly has great shows and roller coasters. Count me in! Thanks to my hustler of a husband who cleaned up in Blackjack and scored us all the raffle tickets. :)

This weekend there are even MORE Christmas concerts and parties to attend. Even if we don't win anything else this weekend, I am just excited to break out my Christmas sweater. Ok, I've already worn it twice. Shhhhh... I just love this time of year.

My Christmas song for you today is a shout out to my Gramps; this was his all time favorite carol and he used to get real into it if it was on the books for Christmas Eve service at church. Love you and miss you, Christmas in our family is just not the same without you!

This version is by the late great Mahalia Jackson... Mama can sing! If you haven't heard her Ave Maria do yourself a big fat favor and check it out NOW (I couldn't find a video online or I would've linked you, but it is worth finding if you have the inclination). Sorry there's no picture to this video, but enjoy the song!

Oh man, just 8 little days until CHRISTMAS!!!!


Krystal said...

Such fab pics of you guys :) I just went to Marks work christmas party tonight, so fun :)

MrsFord said...

Yay for Christmas parties! What's better than free drinks, meal and music??? Thanks so much for the compliment :)