Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo Field Trip

The first Monday of every month the Harry P. Leu Gardens offer free admission to their botanical gardens and recently I took them up on their offer for a little photography field trip.

My wonderful husband and I have been saving up for a (long long) while for a new computer but he very sweetly allowed me to blow a big chunk of our computer stash on a new camera when they went on sale this past Black Friday. He knew how important photography used to be to me and how I have put this part of my life on the way back burner for long enough. He is truly one in a bajillion. Thank you sweet baby!

My field trip to Harry P. Leu was my way of jumping back in the saddle. I said it has been a while now, didn't I?! Anyhow, I am really enjoying playing around with my new cam. I had a very zen, very relaxing, very fun time working on my plants and wildlife shots at the gardens and I was really happy with how the photos turned out. The highlights:

Isn't it so Florida suthawn at the Leu?! Next up for my photography adventures, PEOPLE! You ready for your close-up friends?

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Victoria said...

Wow! I'm impressed. I love the photo of the rose with the dewdrops still of it.