Friday, January 13, 2012

Meal a Day Deals

Lately I have been hearing a lot about EMealz and Menu for the Week type companies and I am intrigued. Have you all heard about these services?

Basically you sign up for an email service and these companies send you daily recipes and grocery lists. Some (EMealz) even scour your local grocery store ads and send you a weeks worth of recipes that use the sale items at your local market. You save money and have something other than chicken and veggies every night. As part of my "be more zen" resolution for the year, I have started cooking a fresh dinner for my handsome husband and I every night and it has been great for our together time, wallets and tummies but we are quickly running out of favorite recipes.

I am pretty picky about what kind of food I put in this bod of mine (is it organic? is it made of cheese? is it fried?) so I'm not sure if these recipe cards would be ideal for me but I like the idea of getting daily food inspiration. I get good ideas from blogs, Real Simple, Food & Wine, and I have also started following several recipe twitter accounts too.

Have any of you tried these services? DailyCandy was offering half off on one such service through Menu for the Week today and EMealz has a sample menu from Whole Foods available here. There are definitely coupon codes available online if you are signing up for these too, fyi.

Any other suggestions for mixing it up at dinner time?

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