Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh Golly

Gooood morning. This is what Central Florida looks like this morning:

Unfortunately there was also severe weather last night including hurricane and tornado warnings so my heart definitely goes out to those whose homes were damaged as they are going to be in for a rough rainy day today as well.

Not being from Florida I get seriously freaked out by this weather. It's not the rain or so much the wind that scares me but it IS the constant crashing enormous lightning. It's terrifying!

I was never afraid of thunderstorms EVER before moving here. But this is no regular lightning. You can actually see it everywhere, what may be just feet from you and when it gets going, you are seriously surrounded! I guess they call Central Florida the lightning capital of the world for a reason. Luckily my office is in the basement with no windows so I should be good :)

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