Monday, March 14, 2011

Manic Monday

This is where J and I eat, drink, work... pretty much where we live during the week. Pretty isn't it?

Yea, well it may be pretty but it is HARD to be here today. With this whole daylight wake up hours before the sun savings thing, my body is seriously angry at me for being out of bed and out of pjs. No amount of coffee can make up for not sleeping in when you really want to.

Not to mention I had an awesomely relaxing weekend and what looks to be a hellish work week ahead of me... Sigh. This weekend we saw the Fighter, played disc golf, went on breakfast dates, took a stroll down Park Ave, hung out with friends, and played Rock Band til my throat hurt. Why can't every day be that fun? Some days you just have to smile and pretend you're at the beach in your own mind, right?


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