Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can you Feel the MADNESS?

Besides finding out I have 5 cavities despite my dentist-approved excellent oral hygeneine, (and I quote: "some people are just more prone to cavities no matter how diligent their dental routine..." Awesome. That somehow seems fitting) my Monday ended up being a beautiful day. I truly believe if you complain enough everything will get better. :)

Yesterday I kicked ass at work, got to have a delicious lunch of with my hubs (mmmm Jimmy Johns), the weather was seriously gorgeous for my double cross-campus walk, I picked out a good birthday gift for my little bro (who is turning 11 this weekend... WHAT?!) and topped it all off with some breakfast for dinner.

Ok, I will admit my propensity for sugar MAY possibly explain the 5 cavities. In all honesty, this was a dinner I made for us a few weeks ago, last night we had eggos. Who's a better wife than me??!

Lastly but certainly not leastly, tomorrow marks the start of one of the greatest times of year... MARCH MADNESS BABY! Can you feel it?! If you have yet to fill out your bracket, you have exactly t-minus one day before The Big Dance. You may have this one, you're welcome.

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