Friday, April 1, 2011


Happy April little bunnies! The Central Florida storm is over this week and we are left with beautiful spring weather to enjoy all weekend long. Don't you love it when life works out like that?

Things Currently Making My Life Sunshiney:

1) Two vacations with my honey buns in the past 3 short months
2) Spring has sprung! I can't wait for Easter.
3) The world's best Rockband 3 band: Big Jack and Blondie
4) Never ending Florida sunshine and rain
5) The most sweet romantic loving one year anniversary
6) Private in-office performances to my Pandora stations
7) Chai lattes... so many chai lattes
8) Sweet Baby G
9) The beach

Have a Great Weekend!


Lindzee said...

I love that G-Baby is on the list. You make his life sunshiney too!

Victoria said...

Happy Friday and upcoming weekend!!
Yesterday we had 100 degrees in southern california, so I'm thankful for it cooling down 10 degrees or so today. BTW, when are you 2 lovebirds gonna fly out here?

Aimee said...

2 vacations and none of them to south florida...interesting...

MrsFord said...

It's on the list Aim. Doesn't that make you feel good?!