Monday, March 28, 2011

One Beautiful Year

One year ago today, I had the most sublime pleasure of marrying my very best friend in the world Jonathon! I seriously can not believe a whole year has passed since that wonderful day (actually wonderful week, it was the best week of my life hands down).

So much has happened in a year from new home to new jobs to new friendships. Being married has been so much more wonderful than I ever expected. I feel closer to my sweet husband every day and couldn't ask for more.

We celebrated our anniversary early over the weekend because we both had long days at work to look forward on our actual anniversary today. It's kind of lame to think what a magical day surrounded by loved ones I had last year and how I will be at a conference with strangers all day today and apart from my sweetie.

This weekend we went out for dinner, brunch and dinner again with some shopping and football thrown in here and there! It was pretty perfect. I was definitely spoiled by my wonderful husband. Most of all, it was just great spending so much time together. Even Teeny wanted to get in on the love action!

Out for brunch at the most delicious Peach Valley Cafe.

YUM to apple fritters and the best husband ever!

I gave Jonathon a set of 12 note cards representing the 12 months of our first year of marriage with a hand written trip down memory lane in each and he gave me a beautiful watch. Unfortunately the rest of my gift to him didn't come in the mail in time even though I paid for rush shipping. DARN IT. Anyhow, we're darn good at loving on each other :)

For dinner we went to the Capital Grille and they were good at loving on us too! They gave me a rose and gave us a framed photo of us as well. They also gave us the most intense dessert I think I have ever had. This chocolate cake was so rich we barely made a dent in it but it was scrumptious and so was the cheesecake. :)

We had a great time together talking and reminiscing over the incredible first year of marriage we have had. I seriously can't believe how quickly it flew by and how many blessings came our way in such a short amount of time. Life is sweet!

Heres to so many more wonderful years to come. I love you baby!


Rachel said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my 2 favorite people!!!! I can't believe its been a year either! Woohoo to a bajillion more years! love you both!

Victoria said...

Happy anniversary to you love birds.
Many, many, many more years of happiness to you both.

theeclecticlife said...

Happy anniversary! Marriage is the best!

MrsFord said...

Thanks yall :)