Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunset Date Night

They really should have named this town Lakelando because there's water water everywhere! I love it.

I'm sure you have heard me blathering on and on and on about Orlando's famous Jeremiah's Italian Ice? Well... folks... as if it wasn't already amazing, the hubs and I found something out about Jeremiah's that makes it even BETTER. Hard to believe I know.

Turns out there is a church around the corner from said Italian ice that has an outdoor amphitheater right on one of Orlando's famed lakes. Why does that make Jeremiah's better, you may ask? I think these pics can speak for themselves, but basically it means you not only get to enjoy your frosty goodness, but you do so with a front row seat to a beautiful lake sunset.


Not only are we a stone's throw from a beautiful lake no matter where we are in Central Florida, we are also pretty darn close to some of the country's best beaches. I am hoping to spend some QT with my main squeeze at one of those beaches this weekend, enjoying our high 70's and low 80's temperatures!

Have any fun weekend plans?


Krystal said...

that sounds SO amazing :)

amanda said...

Wow...that looks gorgeous! I've only been to Orlando once when I was very young to go to Disneyworld. Needless to say, I don't remember much. I need to make a trip back as an adult it looks like.