Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Going the Distance

Go me, I've started "running" again.

I would say I'm embarrassed by that time right there, but I legitimately walked at least one of those miles. I'm trying to ease back in here folks!

Turns out, when you're an employee of a big fancy state university you get your own not-so-big fancy gym to work out in for free. Our student gym is legendary so the staff one is slightly put to shame by all of the rock walls and indoor basketball and tennis courts. No matter, all I ever really do is stretch, treadmill, yoga ball/medicine ball/mat stuff and more stretch. I guess I could do most of that at home, eh? But, we don't have a tv... or a treadmill... Gym it is!

Anyhow, I used to run and yoga all of the time and have always fancied myself fairly athletic. But in the past two years I have really just not. So it feels pretty great to be back in the saddle as it were. Last night J taught me some moves with the free-weights (the section of the gym I have always been terrified of) so we will see if I keep that up. I have tiny chicken arms that are easily strained by 5 pounds so I know I SHOULD use the weights more... We will see.

You know the one big problem with working out? I now want to EAT all of the time.



Rachel said...

you go girl!!!

amanda said...

Even if you walked one of the miles, that is still a pretty good distance when you are just getting back into the swing of things! I've wanted to take up running for a while now, but for some reason it seems so intimidating. I don't know why because I spent the majority of my life involved in sports. :)

TJQ said...

You can totally do weights, don't worry about it! You always look amazing, so kudos for still finding motivation to work out. Seriously, I feel like "not getting super fat" is my primary motive for exercising. Yes, it helps my mood, but still, if I had your shape I'd probably never see sweat.

Victoria said...

Run, Forest, Run

MrsFord said...

Thanks guys! Tiff, I'm pretty sure we could be body doubles for one another and "Not getting super fat" is an excellent goal if I do say so myself.