Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Handmade with Love

You know what's great about getting married (besides the being married part, of course)? Getting wedding gifts for months and months after! YES! Especially when they are handmade with love.

Imagine our delight when we received this incredibly beautiful crocheted blanket in the mail just a month ago. My mom's best friend Susan made it with her own two hands for us, isn't that the sweetest? She also helped with all of the set-up of our reception during the wedding itself and it would have probably been a disaster zone without her.

This sweet blanket is a special item we will have for the rest of our lives that makes me feel loved every time I snuggle up under its warmth. Getting this beautiful gift (accompanied by a beautiful note) reminded me how the act of giving with thought and purpose is such a huge blessing to others.

Thank you Susan, you inspire me to be more giving of myself everyday!


Krystal said...

that is so awesome!! receiving those gifts are amazing but i am sure giving them is even better!

Victoria said...

It is beautiful, just like her love for you and the other people in her life.
Just another example of REAL love being shown through one's actions rather than simply (and sometimes empty) words.

Lulu said...

That's such a sweet gift, and very beautiful crochet work. What a treasure!

Lulu ;)

MrsFord said...

Right?! It is so wonderful!