Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Understated and Muted Home Decor in Browns and Creams

Decorating an empty home from the baseboards on up is a grand opportunity to use your purchases to make your own world and the world at large beautiful all at once.

Shopping through fair trade and ethically minded global home goods companies provides elegant and unique home items, and a do-good-glow for you. Dia Living Handcraft sources textiles from Morocco, India and Turkey and Ten Thousand Villages provides international exposure for third world artisans to sell their handmade goods. Not only do these sites provide an economical option for you (items are generally direct from artisans to your door) they also make it possible to fill your home with handmade, gorgeous, unique items that can be as of-the-moment or classic as you please.

Moroccan woven wool rugs and linen pillows from Dia Living.

From Ten Thousand Villages...

Handmade silk pillow from India.

Wooden handmade candle holders from Pakistan.

Woven table from Bangladesh.


Joelle said...

What a great post! It makes me want to redecorate my house... Those beautiful candle holders from Ten Thousand Villages are actually natural onyx, not wood, by the way. They range in color from light green to the dark browns pictured.

MrsFord said...

Thanks so much for the comment and for clarifying Joelle. Onyx candle holders sound even more luxe!