Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big Corally Pink Peonie Wedding Bouquets

There are few things that make me want to plan another wedding. Mostly because ours was so special and also because it was very "us." BUT... every now and then I do come across some images on the ol' net that really make my heart hurt with full blooded wedding lust.

That being said (and I absolutely adored our wedding flowers) these here giant pink peonies make me want to redo our entire shindig. Possibly its just the place coral florals holds in the soft spot of my heart... but more likely its just because these flowers are AMAZING.

It's OK if you cried a little... just pretend you had to sneeze, I won't tell.


Victoria said...

How gorgeous! However the tables are pretty girly for a wedding, maybe perfect for a shower.
I LOVE peonies.

Lenore said...

What a beautiful colour! So pretty.

Thanks for stopping by Lather. Write. Repeat. and hope you come back soon!


Lizzie [Ten Thou Bride] said...

Ooh I really love those! Peonies are fab!

dognbird said...

Just frickin' gorgeous! (I actually said this out loud before I typed it)

MrsFord said...

Arent peonies fab? thats the exact right word for them. And yes, maybe this would be perfect for a shower... A baby shower perhaps???

Victoria said...

Don't mess with me!!!

MrsFord said...

Im just saying... one day!