Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DIY Detail: Handmade Wedding Program Booklets

The wedding program is one of the key elements of a wedding that should never be left to the last minute or to a quick fix idea. I know others may argue that this is an item that inevitably finds its way to the trash just as soon as the recessional ends. I, a confessed romantic, think however that the wedding program is an opportunity to transport your guests into the love and excitement you and your husband feel and aim to express on your big day.

The wedding program is the first impression a guest is greeted with when they enter into your event. It is the first opportunity to convey thanks and love and the general mood you wish your day to capture. The wedding program is about the ceremony itself; the very reason for all of the excitement and planning of nitty-gritty details. In other words, make it special!

For our wedding, I handmade 4x6 inch booklets that contained our wedding ceremony, photographs, bible quotes, bridal party info, family and readers, and a special thank you section. They were designed on InDesign and PhotoShop and then we had them printed at our local print shop and finally I stitched the booklets together. We wanted a look that was clean and easy to read but still had a soft romantic look. It was truly a labor of love and one of my favorite parts of our wedding celebration.

Love what you see but don't have the time or craftability to make something similar for your own wedding? Bespoke wedding program booklet templates that only require a trip to the printer are available for purchase on My Etsy Shop.

Check them out and please let me know what you think!

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Mitz said...

These are great... WOW! Wish I had of seen it before our wedding 7 years ago, and in time before my sis-in-love's wedding THIS saturday. I am still in the process of making the programs, as she didn't have the info ready for me. =) THANKS for sharing!