Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DIY Detail: Etsy Ring Bowl by Paloma's Nest

One of the most personalized elements of our wedding that we did not make ourselves was our Paloma's Nest ring bowl. You may have seen these in Martha Stewart Weddings, or on any number of wedding blogs, and we totally heart them.

If you personalize one of these, they aren't exactly cheap. We debated whether it was worth the dollar bills for something that would be used and barely seen for all of 30 seconds. But you see, the hubs and I are major Christmas freaks, and this here ring bowl officially turns into an Xmas tree ornament as soon as the wedding is over.

We. Were. Sold.

You can personalize the bowls with as much or as little word magic as your heart desires. Jonathon and I did not use the ever-present 1 Corinthians 13 "love quote" during our wedding ceremony but we still wanted to incorporate those perfect sentiments of what love truly is into our wedding in a more subtle way. Thus, our patience, kindness, faith, hope, love ring bowl. I know its hard to see in the pic, but there is also a little stamp of a house and then the word home at the bottom.

I'm about to get all corny on you so if you're squeamish look away... but all of those words in one way or another mean to us, trust. To me, that is the most essential part of my friendship, love and marriage with my hubs and I am so glad to have the keepsake to remind me what's truly important in this crazy life.

Did I mention it is gold-plated? Christmas status!

While you're perusing Etsy after reading this (come on, I know you) feel free to check out my shop and tell me what you think!

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