Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Jelly Flats

Summer is all about reliving your best childhood lazy days. Lounging at the beach, family bbqs, the smell of Hawaiian Tropic and of course... jellies! This summer, update your fav childhood footwear to match your big-girl life with one of the following trendy choices.

Fire-engine red AND there's a bow? These will look sweet with your teeny weeny red bikini!

Jazzed up sparkley clear jellies are a grown-up girls dream slipper. Prince not included.

Go crazy for coral in more ways than one with these sea-inspired slip-ons.

Stuck in the office this summer? Sneak the fun in with the jelly version of the classic TB revas.


Victoria said...

I love those coral colored ones that actually look like coral is growing around your feet!
So cool- perfect for a little mermaid look at the beach............. and sadly will protect your toes from the oil and debris

MrsFord said...

im in love with the red ones...