Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cute Xmas Gifts for Teacher

One of the best parts about the days leading up to Christmas are all of the wonderful gift guides out there... I know that might sounds weird, but I love looking at all of the fun, random items you can purchase out there that you would normally not consider. I like Real Simple's and Lucky's gift guides and Design*Sponge just put one out this morning.

Daily Candy has a list for just about everyone on yours, not the least of which is a darling Teacher's Gift Guide. How great are these few items from that list?

In case you are still stumped on what to give your child's teacher... speaking from experience and an extensive list of teacher friends, you can just about never go wrong with a Starbucks gift card.

Any other great gift lists you guys are perusing this time of year?


Shellsh said...

I did the Starbuck's gift card thing for the teacher last year and can't do the same (or can I??) since Ellie's got the same teacher this year. The teacher is always buying supplies for the class with her own money, so what about a Staples gift card or is that totally tacky??

MrsFord said...

No I dont think that's tacky at all! I'm sure she would love that. Miss N deserves only the best ;)