Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas, Florida

Guess where you will be able to find me tonight? Christmas, Florida. No, that's not just a state of mind friends, its an ACTUAL PLACE. And I want to go to it.

Where is Christmas, Florida? Glad you asked. Here's an extremely helpful map to guide your way:

I have actually driven through Christmas before when it was NOT December and at the time, there wasn't much to see. I am hoping now that the holidays are upon us, the town goes all out with their holiday lights. It would seem almost sacrilegious if they didn't, right? Besides the holiday lights, we are making the trek just for you. Yes, you guessed it. Your Christmas card will not only be beautiful, thoughtful and SWAK (sealed with a kiss, I'm 13)... it will also be stamped with the USPS sent from Christmas, Florida stamp.

You are so welcome.


Victoria said...

You are TOO cute!!!

Krystal said...

that is so funny! i had no idea that existed!