Monday, December 12, 2011

Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

Christmas has finally arrived in Central Florida!

Folks... this weekend I did Santa a solid and cleared the stores OUT with gift purchases. Two places with enormous sales that have a lot less inventory this morning than on Saturday or Sunday: Kohls and Joanns. Joanns in particular was a little dizzying. I managed to spend only $40 and walked out with bucketloads including two big beautiful wreaths for our home ($10 each. SERIOUSLY. Pictures to follow).

The conversation between myself and the cashier ended in her saying: "Ma'am, the door is that way. Are you really leaving this time? It's honestly for your own good." True story.

Besides the gifts and the wreaths... Here's a preview of a couple of my huge weekend splurges:

Our new "fireplace" which comes equipped with your choice of carols or crackling flames sound track. Yes, it was well worth the $5.

Teeny's new "I heart/paw Santa" collar! I realize he doesn't look overjoyed by his new collar but he only looks sad because I made him pose with his head on the ground for the photo, NOT because his yearly duties as reindeer are upon him. :)

Besides shopping without dropping, we also received our very first Christmas gift in the mail from the world's best MIL this weekend! In case you were wondering, she told us to open it early, we weren't being greedy piglets. We were BLOWN away when we opened the gift: A beautiful new nativity that I have had my heart set on for quit some time. (Real pics to come soon too):

I honestly don't remember telling her that we wanted this so much but she is a sneaky good listener and now our home will be even more festive for years to come. THANK YOU STACI!

How's your shopping list coming along? Is your home all holiday jolly? Hopefully tonight we get our TREE!

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