Monday, November 5, 2012

Knights Win!

Happy Monday everyone!  This past weekend was Homecoming for UCF and our wonderful friends Dave and Noelle came out to visit for the festivities! 

UCF has a long standing tradition known as Spirit Splash (that you should Google if you aren't familiar with it) that event kicks off Homecoming weekend in a big way.  After celebrating the Splash with my co-workers on Friday (do you like our What the Duck shirts???), Dave, Noelle and I celebrated a huge UCF football victory on Saturday night.  Enjoy the pics of us eating Jeremiah's (yum), cheering our guts out at the game, and the after glow with the Coach himself.  It's been awesome having our friends around this weekend :)

Spirit Splash 2012!

They LOVED it
Ready for Battle ~ Back in Black

Aww Snuggies :)

We're cute, yea?

This is what we really look like... love these two
We cleared the stands fast
My handsome Knight

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