Wednesday, November 7, 2012

High Five, America

Guess what?  NO MORE POLITICAL ADS for a while... Sigh of relief?  Did you stay up last night watching the election results? 

I was terrified of waiting in Florida's historically ridiculous voting lines so I left work early, got caffeine and snacks just in case and I got to my polling place right around 4:30pm expecting a substantial wait.  I think that I had a voting angel on my side because there was literally no line, I just walked right in and they handed me my ballot.  I asked, and they said it was the only time that day it had been quiet and sure enough, as I was voting, the line grew.  So thankful for that.  If you are thinking I'm crazy... some of the voters in Florida waited at the polls for 6 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT. That is dedication. And bureaucracy at its worst.  And a shining example of Florida in action.

NONETHELESS... I voted, Mama voted, Sissy voted.  The President is back! 

More than anything I am hopeful that this brings some much needed balance to our country and a longer-range vision of helping Americans and the world than the short-range one we have embraced lately.  We are no longer a country of pure democrats and republicans.  A lot of people I talk with do not feel well represented in those two camps and feel they are just working to avoid the worst case scenario and not FOR the best case scenario.  Personally, I'm pretty tired of working toward mediocre and am hopeful we can move on from here toward greatness.  We all deserve it.

God Bless the USA! 


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And many congratulations to the state of women for electing Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts (first female senator from MA and general badass), Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin (first openly gay woman elected to senate and defeated YUCKY tommy thompson), Claire McCaskill shutting down idiot Todd Akin in Missouri, and incredible Tammy Duckworth also defeating a sicko in Illinois and in my own california district, Julia Brownley.
Way to go ladies, let's make a difference.

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You guys are the cutest :)