Tuesday, April 10, 2012

St. Pats (Yes, I'm that behind)

Happy St. Patrick's Day friends!

What's that you say?  St. Pat's was almost a month ago?  Oh... that.  Well, it might have taken me that long to download the pics from that camera to my computer.  Oh me oh my i just have too many cameras MWAHAHAHAHAHAH.  Yes, I love it.  Anyhow, speaking of cameras.  Those of you with nosey pit bulls will know how hard it was to arrive at this first photo because of all of the photos following it...

It was well worth the clicking :)

What?  I am just your snuggly baby!  Don't you love me??? YES TEENY, you are the sweetiest.

So besides looking good, drinking beer and being a loving family... we did have a lively St. Patricks day.  Did I mention that we have a Paddy's day tradition to make corned beef and cabbage and Irish minestrone every year on St. Pat's day?  I don't eat red meat so the veggie version evolved over years of salivating over the smell of his corned beef... it's my way of getting the best meal of the day without the meat!

Of course our St. Paddy's also included a key lime desert-off.  Unfortunately, Jonathon's key lime cheesecake bars beat out my key lime cool-whop pie.  I suppose that's only fair since he is actually the Irish one and all...  I would say we were both winners in the end because we were stuffed and had a blast stuffing ourselves!  Now on to SOMEONE's birthday in two little weeks :)

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Victoria said...

Key Lime Pie, my favorite!