Monday, April 9, 2012

Pictures of Birds :)

Good Morning Spring Chickens,

Did you have a beautiful Easter? I hope so. Ours was very relaxing indeed.  Thankfully my hardworking honey got the day off but he has been working so much lately he really didn't want to do much (can you blame the man?).  So we had a very zen day... We went to church, out for a lovely brunch (belinis included) and took a stroll around beautiful Lake Eola where I got to practice my photog skillz.  Apparently from my review of the photos I took, I was really feeling the birds yesterday.  Enjoy!


It was a BEAUTIFUL spring day.  After our trip to the park, we sipped some lattes and then went home and watched Dial M for Murder while eating homemade chocolate covered strawberries that the Easter bunny left us, how thoughtful of him!  It was a pretty dreamy day.

Oh Hi, I'm very handsome when reading my kindle at Starbucks:

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Rachel said...

You are a serious photographer damn! I hope I can take some pictures like that on SAS. Esther came over and was teaching me a little bit on how to use my camera woo. Happy Easter! I'm glad you had a great day! Love you miss you!!!