Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dinner Noms

Good Morning Hungry Friends,

Spring ball is officially over and you know what that means!  I have my husband back in time for home cooked dinners.  We have been having a ton o fun cooking together (minus one tiny sliced finger slip up) and I thought I would share some of our fav dishes with you.  I'll consider myself thanked :)

I have a super easy recipe for spinach macaroni and cheese balls to share with you this morning. I tweaked it like crazy as mine were non-dairy and whole wheat (i used rice milk, soy cheese and margarine, YUM...), but I would imagine these would blow your mind with real cheese and whatever pasta is on hand.  I also subbed in Italian bread crumbs for where the recipe calls for flour.  The leftovers have made a great second day work lunch too.  They were especially good with our homemade cherry limeade that didn't make the photo shoot  :)  Enjoy!


Victoria said...

Looks delicious.
I hope your finger is okay.
I think there is a theme going on....
Key Lime Pie, lime-aid.... need that vitamin C

Rachel said...

Are you fo real!? Give me all that gluten nooom

MrsFord said...

This was so delicious you have no idea, you could make it non gluten so easily too! I am on a lime kick and I just cant stop, maybe it is the vit C!